The Best Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is an incredible hub of design! We leave you with 14 amazing designers from Abu Dhabi that are known for their incredible style.

#1 – Al-Manzool Interiors

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Founded by Engineer Eman Orphally in the early 90’s, Al Manzool is an Abu Dhabi based firm is a full-service, medium-sized architectural, planning and interior design company. Al Manzool is a responsive, client-focused firm that provides high quality architectural & interior design services and classy products ranging from fabric to furniture & lighting to its esteemed clients in the corporate, commercial and residential sectors.

#2 – Arabian Company

Established in 1967 by the visionary late founder Ali Baslaib, the Arabian Company today has more than 40 companies and affiliated organizations. They have received praise and awards for the design and quality of their services, and are proud to be a UAE success story.

#3 – Arco Interiors

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Arco Interiors is a specialist in interior solutions providing full-scope turnkey interior design, fit-out, and furnishings. Their close-knit team of designer, architects, and engineers are able to translate client ideas into a successful project that work both aesthetically and functionally.

#4 – BlueHaus Group

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Bluehaus Group is an established Architectural, Interior Design and Engineering consultancy with a strong focus on Hospitality Projects.

#5 – Bayaty Architects

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Founded in 1978 by Dr. Muthanna Al-Bayaty, Bayaty Architects has emerged to be a unique multidisciplinary practice. Bayaty Architects is a design and engineering firm for architects and engineers that work to provide and support the development of design projects.

#6 – Dawan Architects + Engineers

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Dewan Architects + Engineers has been at the forefront of the Middle East’s booming architectural and engineering design sector for almost three decades. Its founder and current Chairman and Managing Director, Mohamed Al Assam, established the inaugural Dewan office in Abu Dhabi in 1984 and successfully completed Dewan’s first high-rise commercial project, Baniyas Tower, in 1988, which cemented Dewan’s presence as a major player in the regional architectural scene.

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#7 – Lux & More

Luxury & More interiors is an interior design firm specializing in residential and commercial projects. Luxury & More interiors was founded in 2015 in Abu Dhabi.

#8 – Havelock One Interiors

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Since its incorporation in 1998, Havelock One Interiors has become one of the most renowned turnkey fit-out contractors and manufacturers of high-quality joinery, decorative metal works and sophisticated shop-fittings in the Middle East.

#9 – House of Treasures

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

As the name suggests, House of Treasures is…a House of Treasures of Luxury Design. With great service and design influencers on their team, House Of Treasures can give you everything to produce a stunning interior.

#10 – Life Space Interiors

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Life Space Interiors is a full-fledged interior fit-out company capable of providing clients with full turnkey interior solutions, we provide unparalleled services to corporates, hotels retail and developers. Their services are built around three core principles: integrity, personalized services and excellence.

#11 – Nest Interior Decor

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Nest Interior Decor believes the purpose of our work is to make spaces more effective, efficient and satisfying for those that occupy them.

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

#12 – Nomad Interiors

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

NOMAD Interiors L.L.C was established in UAE on 2010 by Imad Fandi Azzam, a veteran in Projects Design, Execution and Management with more than 14 years of extensive and solid experience in Projects Development and Management of luxurious and Commercial, Residential, Retail, Hotels and High-rise Towers. 

#13 – Studio International

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Studio International is a new design consultancy formulated by individuals who have accumulated a significant body of experience globally across a comprehensive range of design disciplines. Their combined knowledge has enabled the world’s leading hoteliers, corporate businesses, transport operators, retailers and principle commercial developers to deliver unique and valuable experiences to their customers.

#14 – The Hub Interiors

Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

Since the launch in 2015, the main goal at The Hub Interior Decoration has always been to develop close working relationships with its clientele. Every design they create tells a visual story of their client.


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Top 14 Interior Designers From Abu Dhabi

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