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A Lush Modern Classic Dining Room In Dubai

A Lush Modern Classic Dining Room In Dubai

In another coveted partnership, Covet House and Vyde Studio worked together in a powerful, lush aesthetic for a nine-room modern classic residence in the most lavish city in the world: Dubai. The studio founded by Mahmoud Sherif from Cairo used a panoply of furniture, lighting, and accessory pieces from Covet House in a variety of finishes, materials, and hues to create a lustful design. Every detail was carefully curated to produce an even stronger and imponent look through the shapes and the pieces, especially in the modern classic dining room.

Entirely in unison with the architecture of the duplex, the elements used not only provide a rich and exuberant aesthetic, characteristic of the middle eastern design, but a very sober and almost poetic appeal as you move forward through the two-stories mansion.

Welcome To The Dining Room

Sharing an open space area with the living room, this space shares the same aesthetic as well. Both calm and soothing, the perfect place for a serene dinner or lunch, away from the rushed cosmopolitan life of the capital.


Breve I Dining Table

Breve I Dining Table is also very versatile, where you can choose a white olimpic marble as the main finish, to provide a richer and even glamorous look. Breve is a strong coffee-based espresso drink mixed with steamed half-and-half milk. So, just like the exciting drink, the Breve I Dining Table serves the same amount of glamour and flavor to any dining setting. A bold and dramatic leg gives an appealing look to the table, by organically mixing portoro marble with a chic brushed aged brass. The sleek and crafty round walnut top serves a modern character to the table.

Adler Rug

Inspired by the work of designer Jonathan Adler, in his projects with solid colors and different patterns, luxurious, ethnic and vibrant spaces. Jonathan Adler is a decorator of many styles, yet the look and feel that he brings to interiors can be boiled down to two words: happy and chic.

Lungo Console

Lungo Console is a refreshing, clean, and simplistic design, with strict and harsh lines that make it the sublime item for a modern interior. A subtle piece that doesn’t overpower or clashes with other designs, but still delivers a sense of splendor and taste, with the prolonged and thin stainless steel with brushed bronze finished legs, embracing a sleek and long walnut wood top.

A Lush Modern Classic Dining Room In Dubai

Brubeck Floor Lamp




Brubeck Floor Lamp was inspired by Dave Brubeck, one of DelightFULL’s more luxurious floor lamps. The art deco floor lamp represents in every single detail the way the jazz pianist musician blended very demanding rhythmic structures with improvisation in expressive and accessible ways. Therefore, in this lighting design, you can find asymmetrical gold plated tubes in order to attribute a contemporary lighting effect.

Moka Dining Chair





Moka Dining Chair is a simple yet refined chair that can be featured on an endless array of settings and match an infinite number of styles, from a contemporary project to modern interior design, without being too discreet. Solid woods and vellutino fabrics make this minimal design a must in any dining room.

Calla Table Lamp

With origins in South Africa, the Calla Lily flower is one of the most graceful things Nature has conceived. Inspired by its delicacy, our design team created Calla Table Lamp. From its graceful aged brass top in the shape of an elegant leaf to the luxurious Estremoz marble base, the beauty of this table lamp is undeniable.

A Lush Modern Classic Dining Room In Dubai

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