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Sasha Bikoff: A Bright Star In The Interior Design Universe

Sasha Bikoff: A Bright Star In The Interior Design Universe

Sasha Bikoff’s aesthetic is 18th Century French Rococo mixed with 1960s Space Age Modern, 1970s French Modernism and 1980s Italian Memphis Milano – which she executes with colorful fabrics and rare antiques. It is a combination that highlights the best of the best from the coveted aesthetics of New York, the Hamptons, Miami, Palm Beach and Palm Springs. Using a keen understanding of design and culture, Sasha Bikoff is surely a bright star in the interior design universe!

One of the most prominent names in the world of interior design, the interior designer Sasha Bikoff has a special talent that no one seems to grasp – and she’s keeping it hidden. From fabulous design projects filled with color and a tad bit of play on the maximalist style to New York, this interior designer has a lot to teach us.

“Using a keen understanding of design and culture, Bikoff creates spaces based on her clients’ passions and inspirations. For Bikoff, interiors represent more than just living spaces: They evoke a distinguished lifestyle, offering individuals the unique opportunity to turn their homes into an eclectic, creative oasis and a place they can truly call their own.” 

Bikoff is known for her balanced understanding of design, flawless execution, and technical know-how sculpted from her vast worldly exploits and experiences. This top designer has exhibited her work in leading industry events, including Salone del Mobile in collaboration with Versace, DIFFA, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Gala, Holiday House Hamptons, AD Show or Holiday House NYC! As it is easy to see, New York is one of Bikoff’s places to showcase her work. In fact, her style is heavily influenced by the multicultural flavors of this city which’s also her hometown!


Fitzroy Sofa by Brabbu

The Fitzroy Sofa is inspired by the spectacular wild scenery you can find in the mountains of Patagonia. Fully upholstered in cotton velvet and with a base in matte casted brass, Fitzroy reminds us that luxury is nothing but a state of mind and a path to the quintessential side of life. Truly magnificent.


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