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Lázaro Rosa-Violán: A Contemporary Design Visionary

Contemporary design has a lot of faces but Lázaro Rosa-Violán might be the visionary one that truly catches the spirit of the moment in all of its dimensions. Partly a painter, partly an architect, interior design eventually emerged in his path as a professional.  Lázaro Rosa-Violán makes interiors an awe-inspiring experience – see for yourself!

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    Everything that Lázaro Rosa-Violán touches, ends up being a tendency. His work has been featured in numerous magazines due to his use of structure, shape and an acute sense of space allowing him to surpass the clients’ wildest expectations. Luxury is in the smallest details.

    By blending classic elements with a modern vision, Lázaro Rosa-Violán is able to forge new languages in the contemporary design realm. Raised between BilbaoMadrid and Barcelona, he developed an early taste for decor in the grand houses and places that he lived and visited. In 2002, he opened his own studio and, in just twelve years, he has achieved impressive growth with an extensive portfolio of clients and media coverage to match. Bringing together the finest pieces of furniture, textiles and wall art it’s what Lázaro Rosa-Violán is best at.

    We all know how competitive the interior design market is. Lázaro Rosa-Violán is a real visionary so he keeps moving forward through harmonious interiors, a sophisticated color palette and the desire to make everything exclusive. Contemporary design never shone so brightly.

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    The Ultimate Inspirations Design Book Modern & Contemporary Aesthetics