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Kitchen And Dining Room Design Ideas With Style To Spare (Part VI)

Kitchen And Dining Room Design Ideas With Style To Spare (Part VI)

The dining room and the kitchen, despite having different purposes, are one. Acting as an extension to each other, both these spaces deserve our full attention when it comes to redecorating or starting from scratch. With this in mind, it’s our turn to share some kitchen and dining room design ideas with style to spare… and luxury all around.


All good things are wild and free – that’s why Mother Earth is one of the most fascinating sources of inspiration you can think of. Inspired by Nature, the Bonsai Dining Table boasts bold lines and character in a fantastic blend of styles and material finishes.


Nature is full of ethereal mysteries and transcendent charms – it’s music for those who listen and poetry for those who see. Just like the God of the sky and the rising sun, the Horus Suspension Lamp promises to be a reference in modern interior design. Especially in your modern dining room.


The finest example of a kitchen where traditional architecture meets curated pieces of luxe design. Upholstered in velvet and legs in glossy black lacquered, the Nuka Bar Chair will make any kitchen design.


Interior design lives out of a certain balance that can really invigorate our senses. Neil Suspension Lamp is a mid-century modern chandelier with round arcs and spherical diffusers which were inspired by the golden years of space exploration during the ’60s and also by the great Neil Ardley.


Nude tones have always been big in the world of makeup, offering a fresh, natural look – but have you thought of extending this kind of palette to your dining room? Nude colors tend to be earthy and unobtrusive, in the same vein as grey and beige but with a warmer tone. Plus, we love the Hendrix Chandelier!


Characterized by simplicity and functionality, mid-century design is alive and kicking. In this dining room, with the beautiful Jones Dining Chair, you can find clean lines, gentle organic curves, a love for different materials and… a contemporary twist.


 Kitchen And Dining Room Design Ideas With Style To Spare (Part V)


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