The Mysterious Koi Dynasty And Its Hidden Pleasures

A new week is on the horizon, it’s time to renew our design inspiration with a new article, what do you say? Today our imagination takes us to a unique lineage of a succession of products, we will analyze the mysterious Koi dynasty and its hidden pleasures. Let’s embark on this adventure together.

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The mysterious Koi Dynasty

The mystery of the Koi dynasty is divided into several dining tables, but today we will approach and analyze the Koi II. The design is from Brabbu Design Forces that used the Koi carp, a symbol of Japanese culture, as inspiration for this fantastic creation. The natural color mutations present in this carp reveal their ability to adapt as the table itself.

The mysterious Koi Dynasty

Talking a little about the details and finishes present in what we consider a work of art. The base of the table is made from aged brass, intended to convey the image of golden scales of a carp, the top is worked with acrylic making it possible to enhance the magnitude of the base.

The mysterious Koi Dynasty

Main function? Make your dining room a unique place, breathing elegance and making every moment spent in family or with friends memorable. Perfect for any style of design and for people looking for perfection and tranquility.

The Mysterious Koi Dynasty

If you look for the modern but do not want to forget the cultural elements, then the Koi II is the right choice. In addition, it will make your dining room the center of attention and the favorite place for your guests. A table that follows all the standards of Japanese culture, from its simplicity to its perfection.


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