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DelightFULL Enlights Your Soul At AD Show 2018

by Joana Silva

DelightFULL Enlights Your Soul At AD Show 2018

A world without light is an empty place relegated to all hope and heat. Today’s article dear readers will lead us to the discovery of an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity. We’ll see how DelightFULL enlightes your soul at AD Show 2018 and give a new spell to our eyes and hearts. Please fasten your seatbelts, the journey will begin.

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First of all, we must start by saying that DelightFULL is a Portuguese brand dedicated to luxurious lighting pieces. Yes a bit different from what we are used to here in the Dining Tables and Chair but we were touched by the hand of the design.

The Sinatra

Sinatra, do we need to say something else? An iconic piece that represents the essence of life and the soul of Frank Sinatra and the success “New York, New York”. History sometimes preaches us departures, some pleasant other unpleasant, well this piece blows our sights! AD Show see you soon!

DelightFULL Enlights Your Soul At AD Show 2018

The Janis

In the arts there are many sources of inspiration, DelightFULL personified the music when creating masterpieces of design. Meet Janis, the representation of the spirit of the decade of 60 where the notes of Jazz dominated every melody and nook. Janis Joplin thank you for the “Best of The Best Gold”.


DelightFULL Enlights Your Soul At AD Show 2018

The Turner

Turner is the mirror of the pop dance moves. Its light electrifies the spirit of any person, showing the benefits that dance provides to the world. A perfect piece for any room in the house, what do you think?

DelightFULL Enlights Your Soul At AD Show 2018

The Ike

We believe every time nowadays that a world without borders is possible. Ike is a lamp that demonstrates this idea perfectly. Outcome of the partnership with Dutch designers and the DelightFULL design team. Give a classic air to your room or desk with this fantastic piece.

DelightFULL Enlights Your Soul At AD Show 2018


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