Feng Shui Principles For The Bedroom

Most likely you’ve heard of Feng Shui – a Chinese art of spatial organization with the goal of increasing the flow of harmony in your home. In today’s article let’s explore the basics of the Feng Shui principles for the bedroom. We will give you some ideas on how to create a design for the room that will bring you into a state of calm and peace and promote tranquility and healing. Let’s try?

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Feng Shui Principles For The Bedroom

Choosing bedroom furniture

There is no denying that a calm and peaceful atmosphere is created through the colors, textures, and furnishings that we have chosen for the decoration of our room. A choice of silenced tones such as cream, beige, peach, terracotta, light browns next to pastel shades (green or blue lights) develops a preference when choosing the bedroom furniture. You can, however, add some romantic color accents such as red and pink, you are also looking to keep love flowing!

Feng Shui Principles For The Bedroom

Curves and smooth lines

When choosing the furniture you should avoid rigid lines, severe corners, and rigid geometry. Opt for a calm wave flow through softer and rounder shapes. However, do not neglect the symmetry to keep the harmony present!

Feng Shui Principles For The Bedroom

Bed Placement

The bed is a key piece of furniture in a bedroom design, the place where you are in your bed requires special attention. The principles of Feng Shui recommend placing it so that you can see a bedroom door. This ensures a sense of security and tranquility. In addition, pay attention to the space around your bed: allow enough space to move easily and begin symmetry by placing bedside tables on either side, even if you sleep alone.

Feng Shui Principles For The Bedroom


Lighting is a critical element in interior design and even more so in a bedroom design. Avoiding discomfort is essential. There are several sources of lighting around the room of various types – suspension, floor, table, wall … This will balance the direction of light and in our opinion is a fantastic idea because it allows you to have many pieces of lighting design around you.


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